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Doorstep Pick-up

Doorstep pickup of your courier at your convenient time


Custom Packing

Choose from a range of packing options to get your courier delivered safely


Fast delivery

Quick and Safe delivery of your courier is our top priority


Live Tracking

Track your courier using our in-app tracking feature


24/7 Support

Our 24/7 support team is happy to handle all your QiqpiQ related queries


Competitive Pricing

We believe in offering “Value for money” service to all our customers


The Story

  • It was a Friday afternoon and I was on an unusual shopping spree. That’s when I came across a classy pair of floaters at one of the ‘Shoe’rooms. Without thinking twice, I bought two pairs. I decided to courier a pair to my dad who is enjoying his retired life in Chennai. The nearest courier centre was just 3 kilometres away and the roads were already getting clogged due to the inevitable traffic. It took me 35 minutes to travel 3 kilometres. Not knowing a long queue waited for me, it took another 20-30 minutes to find a packing cover and get the package billed for delivery. This bitter experience lead to the birth of “QiqpiQ”.As quoted “Bad experiences blossom great ideas”, the idea of QiqpiQ was also conceived for the same reason and this bitter experience lead to this “Eureka moment”

How it works

Install the App

Place your Pick-up order

Courier Collected

Delivered at Courier office

Why QiqpiQ?

  • Safety - Your safety and the safe delivery of your consignment is our top priority. Our Standard operating procedures strictly follows the current safety norms of COVID-19. “Stay home, stay safe “
  • Traffic- Avoid the inevitable traffic that eats up your valuable time in dropping the package. As per data, in high traffic cities, on an average it takes around 30-35 minutes to travel 2 kms
  • Long queues – Avoid long queues that takes at least 10-15 minutes to get your consignment billed
  • Express Check-in-We express check-in the consignments bound for same day delivery
  • Packing solutions- No more running around looking for envelopes and packing covers to pack your valuable consignment. We got you covered!!!

Have questions? Look here

No, Wepickcourier from your home and deliver it to the nearest courier office of your choice

We are based out of Bangalore

30 minutes to 2 hours. If you prefer pick up on a specific time or date you can book a slot in advance

The package is weighed and billed at the courier office. Tracking number is generated once the customer makes the payment

Not currently but we will be there soon

Currently Bangalore. We will be expanding our operations to other cities soon

All payments are made via app or website once the package is weighed and billed at the courier office. We accept all Credit cards , Debit cards, Paytm, Google pay etc.

Mail us - support@qiqpiq.com

No. All payments are digital and needs to be made via app/website.

You will receive a notification once the package is delivered at the courier office. You can use our in-app tracking feature to track your consignment’s journey from the courier office to the destination.

Get In Touch

Happy to assist !!! For any queries, please contact

  • support@qiqpiq.com
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